Features of Standing in Seconds

    1. The Second Stand is the only standing frame that enables the user to Independently stand from a wheelchair in only seconds.
    2. The reason we finally have the ability to stand so simply and quickly is because of the patented BackUP Arm & Slide Lock.
    3. The BackUP Arm gently remains behind you after the Slide Lock guides the arm into the locked position.

    "A Quality Piece of Furniture"

    1. Aesthetically made to blend in with your home or business.
    2. Perfect size desktop with Cup holders and bottom foam shelf so everything you need can be in arms reach.
    3. Padded chest piece so users with weak trunk strength can have both hands free.
    4. The Eye Catching footplate is adjustable to give the user a Natural Look while standing and prevents your feet from slipping.
    5. Fully Adjustable for height and waist size.