From Sitting In a Wheelchair to Standing Felt Amazing Today!

May 09, 2016 Brandan Meister

Used my standing frame today and let me just say how amazing it feels to stand up.  Good god I love it.  When you look at the 2ndS you think, "ya that looks nice and built with quality" but when you actually are the one who Uses it, you think, "oh this is a miracle machine."

I Literally just now decided, "Nope, I'm making this affordable!."  I've been thinking about pricing tonight.  If this is going to be a miracle machine it has to be available to everyone.  If it is it can really feel like a minor miracle every time you stand up... in literally one second.  I mean standing in one second?  We finally have something here that is Legit.


Signed:  Meistro and this is My 2ndS

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  • Buddy

    May 10, 2016

    One word, Amazing!
    and another one; Wow!

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